• Corporate Gifts & Promotional Products
  • 6-9 October 2021
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Promotion industry targets 100 billion TL

The promotional products sector that has an economic volume of around TL 20 billion has expanded its target. Chairman of PROMOTÜRK Association Abdullah Gürz said, “We aim to increase the commercial size of the sector to TL 100 billion and its exports by 9-10 times to TL 20 billion."

The promotion industry in Turkey has diversified its products from notebooks and pens to personalized promotional products today.

Chairman of PROMOTÜRK, Promotional Products Manufacturers and Sellers Association, Abdullah Gürz stated that the commercial volume in the sector has reached to TL 20 billion. Pointing out the fact that the contribution of the sector to the economy was increasing day by day, he added,  “Our sector, which has the potential to make a greater contribution to the economy, did not have an association. We have strengthened the communication between us with the establishment of the association and carried our targets higher. Our new target is to increase the commercial volume of the sector to TL 100 billion.” Gürz also expressed their willingness to expand abroad.

Turkey is advantageous

The sector aims to increase exports by 9-10 times to TL 20 billion. Turkey is more advantageous compared to competitors abroad in terms of location, production costs, and quality. Gürz continued his words, adding "We are capable of surpassing China, Germany, and Poland in this field. It is not difficult to increase exports from TL 2-5 billion to TL 20 billion." Gürz remindedthat with the increase in exports there will be employment growth in the sector.